Oil of oregano…

In my last post…I bitch about the dental community and the conflicting treatment plans I received to treat my dental infection in tooth #14.

This morning, I visited the endodontist for a consult for re-treatment of a 20-year-old root canal.  He x-rayed me and said was infected…however from my recollection of the x-ray taken last week…the infection looked smaller.

Then an hour later I’m having my tooth extracted at the oral surgeon’s who said he didn’t see an infection.

Perhaps it was the angle of the x-ray or the use of oil of oregano.

I don’t know.  Upon reflection…I started taking 2 caps of Now Foods Oil of Oregano 3x a day for the past two weeks because I can’t take antibiotics and I knew this tooth was infected.

Could it be that oregano was helping me to fight this infection?

Huh.  I really should try to get a hold of those x-rays before I jump to conclusions and compare.

I will say though…this has been the most troublesome extraction.  I’ve never experienced so much pain and inability to form a clot.  It’s been 7 hours and still bleeding.

Thank god I have ice cream and bananas.  Looks like that’s the diet for the next couple of days.


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3 responses to “Oil of oregano…”

  1. j says :

    for a nose that gets clogged and cold cough steam inhalations are the best. They kill the bacteria pronto.

    Turmeric powder is a natural antibiotic. Google for indian grocery stores in your area and get turmeric powder like the Kamkars or Bedekars Brands. Dont buy it loose. A big pinch of turmeric in a small cup of warm water to be drunk in the morning. Will keep you as fit as a fiddle. If you can add ginger to it, better still. So has the bleeding stopped?

    • shanesdomain says :

      Much appreciated! Glad I saw your post now before leaving for a MRI…there’s an awesome Indian grocery store next to the MRI place.

      Fortunately, the bleeding has stopped. I believe it took so long to form a clot due to all of the fish oil and fish I was eating prior to the extraction.

  2. j says :

    Exactly why I said to you throughout yesterday: BALANCE BALANCE BALANCE
    everything in MODERATION.

    Too much of anything is bad.
    Let me know what the MRI says.
    Good to hear you are clotting.

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